Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Accident free for 365 days!

Today marks one year since this incident. I still cannot believe that this happened and I still am scared to cross in crosswalks. I actually feel much safer darting across the road when there are no cars in sight (aka jaywalking... shhh). But we sure did learn a lot from this incident and we grew a lot as a couple. His knee is still not as strong as it was before the accident and he still has to wear a brace whenever he does sports but I consider us very blessed that that is all we have to worry about.

Mike wants to celebrate by going to Sonic for dinner like we did last year. I said that he should have used crutches all day but he didn't like that idea very much so Sonic it is. Here is Mikey today. Still just as cute as ever :)

Other things as of late... Michael and his babershop chorus travelled to Tucson, AZ to sing in the Barbershop Harmony Society Midwinter Youth Chorus Festival (sheesh long name...). They worked really hard and they did well :) Here are some pictures I took using the print screen option on my computer while I was watching the webcast at home. 

More big news.. Michael got a new calling this week. Can anyone guess what it is?

Yep, that's right. Back to the single's life! We are really excited to serve in this ward and get to know all the ward members. Plus, we meet in the testing center and who wouldn't want to spend more time in there?