Monday, October 1, 2012

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For


The view standing on 900 E

Looking to the left, that is the new multi-stake center they built

Looking to the right, that is our neighbors yard. It is still technically ours but  that is the side of the duplex that we rent out. Cool, eh?

Back to the left again, our driveway is on 300 N

We have a cool carport that I am reallllllyy excited for come winter. No scraping windows! yipee!
We have a shed. Which is awesome. Two people should not have this much stuff..

The door we use most often since it is inside our carport

It opens into our kitchen. Which has a dishwasher. Score!

And our laundry room haha but I still love it.

Our little hallway.

To the first left in the hallway is our living room.
Note our cool orange wall

And our cool rug. And cool wood floors.

Straight ahead in that hallway is our music/craft/office room. It is a mess right now because it is also where we are keeping all our extra stuff that he haven't hung or organized yet. Yikes..

My sewing stuff :D

To the right is the bathroom. Exciting stuff. Toilet seat is up... how embarrassing.  I guess I am not a very good photographer. I'll tell you a secret though. I took these for my bro who is on a mission so... sue me. (but really don't. We did just buy a house, you know)

Taking the second left down our hallway is our bedroom

So yeah. That's our house! It's pretty neat. We just love the thing. And we love being homeowners :)

One Down in Rexburg OhEmGee

On Saturday we went to Rexburg in a super fast trip. We left here about 1:45ish and got there at 6:30, Mike and his band played at 8 and then we drove home at 9:30 and got into Provo at about 2 AM. This is not a trip for a carload of married people. We were all so tired driving at night. Next time we do that (which will hopefully be never) we'll have to bring along a single person to do the night driving for us :)

So a quick overview of this impromtu band that Mike is now in. Last Christmas, Zack (the singer/guitarist) asked Mike to play the bass and Curtis to play the drums in the Christmas talent show. They practiced together a few times and then played a few songs at the ward Christmas party. Fun right?

So then a few weeks ago Mike saw Zack on campus and he said that he was playing in Acoustic Explosion (a free concert they do once a month at BYU for students to share their talents) and maybe needed a bassist. Mike obliged, made up some bass parts for Zack's songs that he had recorded on his phone and sent to Mike, they practiced together a couple times and then they played at Acoustic Explosion. A band called the Lovecapades also played at Acoustic Explosion that night and Zack is friends with the main guy. So they invited Zack and his "band" to Rexburg to play at Sammy's with them. So they got Curtis back on the drums, they practiced all together a total of 2 times, decided on their name Saturday morning and then we all made the trip to Rexburg for the concert.

It was pretty awesome. They got 25ish minutes to play their set and they played 6 songs. Zack wrote all the songs except for one song they did that was a mashup of 3 other songs, which he arranged. In my biased opinion, they were the best ones there that night :) Plus, Mike got a free meal so he was pretty happy about that. I love that the receipt says "Band Discount" :)

Here are all the videos of their performance (click on the song titles). This is mainly for our moms and any other fans they have out there :) Try to listen to these videos with headphones or on an external speaker because my camera has really bad sound quality already so you won't hear Mike and the drums if you listen on your computer speakers. 

 One Down - What is Your Name?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer in a Nutshell

I find it a little pathetic that the last time I blogged (not that I said much of importance) was in the middle of finals in April and here we are in August already. You would think that I would have taken advantage of the summer to blog since I'm always apologizing for taking so long and being so busy... Maybe I just don't like blogging as much anymore. But I do have some blog worthy things to write about. Let's start with a recap of our summer so far.

We did our best to finish finals early so that we could go see my parents' new house in Arizona. They bought it as a retirement home of sorts but they just love it too much so they will probably be moving there in the next couple of months. It is pretty awesome. Here are some pictures from our trip :)

Good-bye yucky Provo! Hello Arizona!

We snuck into the backyard of this foreclosed
house with this awesome pool

Here it is! My parents' house
This restaurant we went to has a shark tank
that is the size of the wall.

It was a loooong winter
Not quite yet ready for a real pool...
We dyed my mom's hair while we were there

Trying to be Saguaro Cacti
We visited a friend's house with a pool
and hung out there all day.
I took a picture of this road because it cracked me up. It
looked like it was trying to be Beverly Hills but those trees
were the ONLY thing on this road haha

After Arizona we had to go back to reality :( I took spring classes and worked and Mike just worked full time and took a break from classes. It was his first break in a year and a half so he was pretty excited. I took a few classes for my math ed minor. We work together so that's been fun. At least we get to see each other there every day.

In the beginning of May we went to a friends' cabin and I rode on AND drove my first four wheeler. It was fun. Mike, Jeremy, and I all rode up in Jeremy's topless Jeep and boy was it cold! None of us were thinking so I was the only one with a jacket, although that still wasn't warm enough, and it was FREEZING on the way up and on the way back.

We got soooo dirty haha

On memorial day weekend we got to go see Pentatonix in concert! If you don't know, they won this show called The Sing-Off and they are the BEST a Capella group EVER. 

We even made t-shirts....

...of the main singer's face...

...and got there 4 hours early to wait in line.... get these awesome seats spots on the lawn...

and it was awesome!!! Best show ever. 

Vocal Point was there (they were also on the show)

And Delilah who was also on the show.

But we were really here to see these guys. 

...and we even waited in line to get a very blurry picture with them!!!! 

Check them out on youtube if you've never heard them before.

Ok, I'm over it. Well not really, but moving on anyways.

We've also got to spend time with this cute little one.

Mike's family came up in the beginning of July but I guess we just don't take pictures because we barely have any from when they were here. This is from the 4th of July and I was taking it of that fire in the background. But, his family was there. Promise. 

Him and his dad were pretty handy and they fixed our clutch by themselves. 

Two days after his family left, my mom and Tristan and Jana came to visit. It was so much fun to have both of our families here! But again, no pictures :( Except this picture of the van. My mom claims that this pillow turns her van into a pad hahaha. Oh mom. 

We also got to facetime with these lovely people a few times.

And we went to a ward camp out with our singles ward. It was on a beach which meant that everything in our tent had a very fine layer of sand on it when we got in to go to bed that night. And when we woke up I got a free exfoliation massage on my face. 

This summer we got season's passes to the Scera shell outdoor theater with which we get tickets to 7 concerts and 3 musicals. Pentatonix was the first concert. We also went to the Utah symphony and Rodney Atkins so far. And 2 of the musicals - Wizard of Oz and All Shook Up, an Elvis inspired musical. It has been awesome to have a different type of thing to do than we normally do this summer. Plus, it's a pretty dang good deal!

Also, since we have the BEST RELATOR EVER he gave us his club tickets to the Real Salt Lake game. Not only did we get awesome seats, we also got free concessions! It was so amazing.

The climax of our summer has been buying a house.Which I will have to write more about later. But you can view my previous post for some pictures. 

And last but not least, we work. Every day. But at least we're together right?

Also, tonight one of my very best friends gets home from her mission!!!! 
This beautiful little red head!!!
Wow, this picture was taken the day she went to the MTC 18 months ago. Mike was on crutches and we look like we had a rough night haha. 

Hope you enjoyed our summer in a nutshell. :)

Still to come:
August 9 - Fly to WA
August 11 - Tristan and Jana's wedding
August 12-17 - Camping and hanging out in WA
August 18 - Back to Provo to see LIZ!!!!!!