Monday, October 1, 2012

One Down in Rexburg OhEmGee

On Saturday we went to Rexburg in a super fast trip. We left here about 1:45ish and got there at 6:30, Mike and his band played at 8 and then we drove home at 9:30 and got into Provo at about 2 AM. This is not a trip for a carload of married people. We were all so tired driving at night. Next time we do that (which will hopefully be never) we'll have to bring along a single person to do the night driving for us :)

So a quick overview of this impromtu band that Mike is now in. Last Christmas, Zack (the singer/guitarist) asked Mike to play the bass and Curtis to play the drums in the Christmas talent show. They practiced together a few times and then played a few songs at the ward Christmas party. Fun right?

So then a few weeks ago Mike saw Zack on campus and he said that he was playing in Acoustic Explosion (a free concert they do once a month at BYU for students to share their talents) and maybe needed a bassist. Mike obliged, made up some bass parts for Zack's songs that he had recorded on his phone and sent to Mike, they practiced together a couple times and then they played at Acoustic Explosion. A band called the Lovecapades also played at Acoustic Explosion that night and Zack is friends with the main guy. So they invited Zack and his "band" to Rexburg to play at Sammy's with them. So they got Curtis back on the drums, they practiced all together a total of 2 times, decided on their name Saturday morning and then we all made the trip to Rexburg for the concert.

It was pretty awesome. They got 25ish minutes to play their set and they played 6 songs. Zack wrote all the songs except for one song they did that was a mashup of 3 other songs, which he arranged. In my biased opinion, they were the best ones there that night :) Plus, Mike got a free meal so he was pretty happy about that. I love that the receipt says "Band Discount" :)

Here are all the videos of their performance (click on the song titles). This is mainly for our moms and any other fans they have out there :) Try to listen to these videos with headphones or on an external speaker because my camera has really bad sound quality already so you won't hear Mike and the drums if you listen on your computer speakers. 

 One Down - What is Your Name?

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