Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My own Menu board

I have been wanting a menu board lately so today I decided to make one! I LOVE it. Here are some pictures.

I made this out of ribbon. Very cute if I do say so myself.

All filled out :)

Now two of my FAVORITE things in my house are hanging next to each other in the kitchen :)

Hopefully this will help me to cook yummy meals more often. I decided while I was shopping for this that I love craft stores. They are awesome and always inspire crafty ideas in my head. Plus, there are some amazing cute scrapbooking materials out there. It made me want to do a scrapbook but then I remembered that I'd be horribly bad at scrapbooking. Maybe someday...

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Mike has been reeeeally wanting to go camping all summer. We got a tent and a lantern for our wedding and then we bought a sleeping bag for me at Costco. I still feel so unprepared for camping though because there is a lot of stuff we don't have but I think I am just used to camping with my mom who has everything. So anyways, this weekend Michael has 3 performances so he has been rehearsing all week. On Monday he was in Salt Lake until about 10:30 so I had this waiting for him when he got home :)

I had to use candles because we didn't have a flashlight.

Welcome home :)

S'mores time!

It was a short camping trip because it was a lot later than I thought he would get home and he didn't want to sleep in the tent so that he could get some sleep before work. Maybe someday we can have a real camping trip :)