Thursday, August 4, 2011


Mike has been reeeeally wanting to go camping all summer. We got a tent and a lantern for our wedding and then we bought a sleeping bag for me at Costco. I still feel so unprepared for camping though because there is a lot of stuff we don't have but I think I am just used to camping with my mom who has everything. So anyways, this weekend Michael has 3 performances so he has been rehearsing all week. On Monday he was in Salt Lake until about 10:30 so I had this waiting for him when he got home :)

I had to use candles because we didn't have a flashlight.

Welcome home :)

S'mores time!

It was a short camping trip because it was a lot later than I thought he would get home and he didn't want to sleep in the tent so that he could get some sleep before work. Maybe someday we can have a real camping trip :)


  1. you are officially the coolest wife ever

  2. So cute! My dad set up his tent outside the other night to see how it was, and before he could take it down, I took it over and set up a movie night in it with the guy I'm dating. That's about closest I got to "camping" - I want to go camping really badly, but like you, I'll have to wait for another time! :)

  3. Cutest thing ever!! I wish I didn't have to tell you this but the sol duc tickets are out on the table so we won't forget them when we go on Monday:)