Sunday, February 19, 2012

BEST valentine's day EVER! :)

Ok, so keeping a secret from your husband is a hard thing to do. Especially when it is something that you are really excited for. Like a Lady Antebellum concert. I almost bought tickets to this concert back in October or November but then I decided not to because I am really bad at buying tickets. I usually like to wait until the last minute so we get really bad seats and have to pay more for them. It makes the most sense right? I am just so bad at deciding. I mean, what if we had other plans that conflicted? I don't know what I was thinking because it  was for Valentine's day and what could be better than seeing Lady Antebellum? (maybe being where we would have been if we had bought the tickets earlier but oh well...) Plus the smithtix site is so hard when you are indecisive like me because it gives you time limits for each page so you have to buy the tickets in like 3 minutes or less. What is with that? Anyways, I finally manned up and bought the tickets and boy, am I glad I did!

We made "tentative" plans for Valentine's day that mostly just included going to The Pie in Salt Lake. You see, I needed a reason to get Mike to Salt Lake without him knowing my real reason. The Pie is only in Salt Lake AND we had never been there and we'd been wanting to go. He gave me a little trouble with going all the way to Salt Lake just for dinner but I reminded him that it's Valentine's day so we should do something special. So anyways, we had made plans for what to do after Salt Lake although I knew that none of them would happen (which is sad because one of them involved an angel food cake with strawberries on top being made for me). Our plan was to leave Provo right after class at 4 and go to the Pie and then "come home." But at 10:30 AM our plans changed a little bit.. this handsome little fella came into the world and we decided we better make it a priority to see him and the happy new parents before we leave.

Little baby Dallin

Also, I need to mention that when we got home from school before we went to see Dallin I was surprised with a clean house that Mike had come home during work to clean for me while I was gone. I was so happy! It was the best Valentine's day present ever! He also got me new shoes because mine have like 5 holes in them and he got me some pretty earrings. What a great guy :)

So we got to Salt Lake at about 6:15 and we parked outside The Pie and I said "ok here's the thing. We don't have time to go to The Pie because our real event starts at 7" Mike was confused but when I told him we were going to see Lady Antebellum at the Energy Solutions Arena he was really excited. We drove around looking for a Burger King, got our fancy meal, found free parking (yes!) and ate our burgers as we walked fast to the concert. We came in a few minutes after Thompson Square started, our seats were at the very top, we were sitting next to an awkward old couple on a date, but it. was. awesome!

Thompson Square

Are you gonna kiss me or not? This is when he gave her flowers for Valentine's Day :)

Darius Rucker! I didn't get very many good pictures of him (or anyone for that matter)

I thought it was strange that he was just wearing a normal old screen print tee and a hat and jeans. I guess it is a country concert! haha

After Darius Rucker sang they opened up the stage and a bunch of people got to go into the "inner circle"

Lady A!!!

hello world. This was one of the best parts of the whole concert

They all came out and sang one song together

Dancing away with my heart. This is how far away our seats were haha

We couldn't even see their full faces on the big screens haha

The concert was amazing and it was the best Valentine's day I've ever had! <3