Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seis Meses

I believe it is time for a little reflection. In the past 6 months:
I decided to change my major.
Michael got hit by a truck.

Then he had surgery on his knee.

We both completed 2 semesters of school.
Michael got a job.
But most importantly, we got married.

Today, we have been married for 6 months. It has been a crazy 6 months and not the typical first 6 months of marriage but oh well. At least I got to go through it with this handsome fella.

Yep. I'm pretty lucky. 
I wouldn't mind going back to this though...

That would be nice.. oh well.
In 6 days we get to go to my home in the Pacific Northwest! 
1 week from today this hawt couple will be getting married in the Seattle Temple and we will be there

And I'm really excited because originally we were going for just 4 days but we extended so now we're staying 8 days! (Oh yeah, because I dropped my summer classes and Mike is only taking 1 class now.. hello summer :)) 
I am especially excited to see these beauties. I can't wait to squeeze them into the biggest hugs they've ever gotten.

One more thing. Michael's twin sister and her husband found out on Monday that they are having a little girl! Yahoo! I'm excited for them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toga, Toga, Toga

All last weekend, and I mean ALL last weekend, and into late Tuesday night this is what was going on at our house:

A LOT of work went into this project but Michael is so glad to have it done and I am so glad to have my husband and my living room back. He also had a 5 page paper, another project with presentation, a job interview for which he had to prepare a technical presentation (whatever that is) work and class. Boy were we happy when that week was over. Now we have just 1 more day of class and then finals.

Spring semester has been a whirlwind of craziness. And it wasn't as fun as everyone said it would be. But oh well. This Friday marks 6 months of us being married and that, I think, is pretty darn exciting. We also don't have school that day.. BONUS.

And then in one more week after that we get to go to Seattle to see my family and for Whitney and Erik's wedding! It has been almost a year since I've seen my little nieces and 6 months since I've seen my nephew and Mike has never even met my nieces. I miss them terribly so I am very, very excited to see them again. VERY.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Ever since I watched my husband get hit by a truck while crossing the street I have become exponentially more paranoid about everything. Especially crossing the street. I think that if i were attached to one of those stress monitors while crossing the street, it would be going nuts. I sometimes wish that I could run across without looking crazy but instead I just walk very fast looking at every car to make sure they all see me and are stopped. And it's not just me, I also get scared for other people that I see crossing the street. One time I was turning right at that light and I saw a guy on his bike crossing the other crosswalk and someone turned left right after he got to the middle of the road and I stopped mid turn and screamed and Mike was like what? what happened? and I was like I thought that guy was going to get hit! haha. It is a little silly because how many people do you know that actually get hit while crossing the street in a crosswalk? But it's also not silly because I've seen it happen. One day when we were walking to school Mike started to walk after the other light turned red and ours just hadn't turned green yet and I freaked out just a little bit. Ok, a lot. I basically just stood on the corner and desperately begged him to stop walking and then when I saw the light had turned and we were safe I ran and hugged him crying because I was so scared.. not my proudest moment haha.

I've also become really worrisome about other things that are those "that-never-happens-to-people-I-know" kind of things. Like getting struck by lightning for example. Like my mom and brother were hiking in Zion and afterwards for a day or so I couldn't get a hold of either of them and my first thought was that they either fell off the cliff or they were struck by lightning. Of course, neither of those things were the reason I couldn't contact them it's just my new habit of thinking of the worst thing that could happen. I hope that I get over my irrational worries by the time I have children or they will spend all day locked in their rooms. Just kidding.

It has helped me to have a better outlook on life though. Since I worry a lot about the people that I love getting in freak accidents and dying or something I think a lot about what I say to them just in case it is the last time I talk to them. It's kind of morbid, I think, but oh well. I get reminded a lot about how much I love my family.