Sunday, February 20, 2011

15 things.

Well, Jessica wanted to know 15 things about me so here it goes..

1. One thing that not that many people know about me yet is that I very recently changed my major.. I haven't really told that many people yet because we have been so busy after that. But I decided to man up and finally pursue my passion. Elementary Education. So there it is.. I am no longer doing Mechanical Engineering starting in  the Fall.

2. All through high school my best friend Chandra and I did everything together. We walked together at graduation, went to BYU to be roommates and we eventually got engaged with a week of each other and about 5 and a half months later we got married within 3 days of each other! We totally planned it, but we never thought it would happen.

3. I love to cook. Especially with my husband. We love trying new things and we love to feed other people at dinner parties.

4. I really love snowboarding. It is so invigorating and exhilarating and I love how it makes me feel.

5. I am really, really good at remembering peoples names. Sometimes it makes me feel like a creep.

6. I have 3 brothers who I really love.

7. I absolutely love snow cones or slurpees or icees or anything of that sort.

8. I pick at my eyebrows and my eyelashes when I'm bored and especially when I'm reading or taking tests.

9. So you think you can dance is my favorite show ever. It makes me wish that I could dance so bad. In November my husband took me to the tour. It was awesome!

10. I understand Spanish very well for only having took it in high school. I'm not very good at speaking it though. Sometimes my husband hates it because I can usually understand when him and his mission companions try and talk about me in Spanish.

11. I used to be obsessed with Zac Efron but now I'm just obsessed with my husband. He is the best!

12. I'm always cold and when I have to go outside when it is really cold it depresses me. And I hate being touched by cold things.

13. I'm super afraid of the dark unless I am lying in my bed. Then I love it.

14. I really hate getting ready for bed. I wish I could just get in bed without washing my face, brushing my teeth and taking my contacts out.

15. I really love math and my engineering classes in school. And I am good at them. I'll miss them probably. But I don't regret my decision.

So i guess I have to tag people now.. I want to learn 15 things about Krystle, Kaylee, Michelle and Casey!
Can't wait :)

Happy 2 months to us!

Friday marked 2 months since we got married! And guess how we celebrated... Surgery! Woot woot. That was actually on Thursday but it basically carried over to Friday and will be taking over our whole weekend haha. But lets talk about the good things that happened before we get into surgery.
Last Friday was Michael's birthday and to celebrate, I surprised him on Thursday night by taking him to Olive Garden and then to a Vocal Point concert that was in Salt Lake. It was so fun, we got to dress up and kind of get away from life for a night and spend it together. Vocal Point is really amazing, here are some videos if you have never seen them before.

Anyways, it was a fun night. On his actual birthday we were supposed to go to a ward party but since our building flooded it got cancelled. So instead we stayed home and I made him fajitas.
And then the next night we had some friends over to have ice cream sundaes. They were quite delicious and it was fun to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen too much of. 
Monday was Valentines Day. I wanted to make Michael something delicious that we don't get to eat much but I didn't have everything I needed for my meal so I had to go shopping. How romantic.. usually we love to go shopping together but because of Michael's knee he didn't want to go to Costco so I went by myself. But I bought some delicious looking steak and when I got home I made steak, potatoes and salad. Then we started a new tradition of doing fondue on Valentine's day. Mmmmm.
hahahaha I apologize for the creepy face..
The strawberries were the best

One more thing... We received a letter in the mail on Wednesday that Michael got into the Mechanical Engineering program!! We are so excited and I am so proud of him.

Ok, I guess now we'll get to the fun part of our week. On Wednesday night we got a call about his surgery and they told us that he needed to be there at noon. We were pretty excited about that because we didn't want his surgery to be super late at night so that we could get him home earlier. On Thursday morning they called and said they were running a little behind so instead of having us come sit for a few hours they wanted us to come at 1. So we got there at 1 and filled out all the paperwork. They told us his surgery was at 3 so we were a little wary that we had to wait an hour and a half but then we realized it wouldn't be so bad since he had to get all prepped and everything and it should go pretty quickly. He went back at about 2 to get ready. About 15 minutes later his uncle Steve showed up to see how everything was going and to help us get him home when he was done and then about 10 minutes later we both got to go back and sit with him until he went in to surgery. Just before 3, Steve left and we expected Michael to have to go in to surgery. 
At about 2:30...
Right before he was supposed to go into surgery.
He had to write yes on his knee so they didn't do the wrong one on accident

Well, 3 came and went. We just sat there, I held his hand and we talked or he played games on his phone. Then it was 4. Poor Michael was starving since he had to fast all day and I was pretty hungry myself. The nurse came in wheeling a TV behind her and handed us a list a movies. This was not good news. She said they had just called over from the shoulder surgery his surgeon was working on and it was taking longer than normal and it would be about another hour. Bleck. So we put in Evan Almighty so that hopefully that could help pass the time a little. Well after an hour, there was still no one there to take him away. The rooms on all sides had had people come and go and poor Michael was stuck there starving all day and hooked up to an IV. At about 5:30 a nurse came in to tell us she was going home but that if we needed anything to just push the red call button. We asked her how much longer and she said it sounds like they still have about half an hour but then 5 minutes later she said actually it's gonna be much sooner than that and at ten to 6 they took him away. 

They said his surgery would last about 90 minutes and I was planning on staying there the whole time because I was too paranoid that he would get done when I wasn't there but I was starving and Steve took me to dinner at Costa Vida. It was super delicious and I ate way, way too much. We spent about an hour at the restaurant and then went back to the surgery center. The whole building was dark and locked up and there were only about 3 different groups there waiting. One of them left a little while later and then it was just me and Steve and this mom with her 3 young kids. At about 8 o'clock Michael's surgeon came and told me that he was done and it went really well. He said sometimes redo's can take a lot longer and can be harder if the holes that were already drilled were in the wrong spot or too big but he said it lasted about an hour and it went really well. He showed me pictures of before and after his surgery and then said that I would be able to go in and see him in about 10 minutes. In about 35 minutes they told us we could go back. 

There was my baby, lying a hospital bed covered in a big blanket that was being filled with hot air. The nurse said that he was shaking really bad after his surgery so that was there to keep him warm. He had an oxygen mask with his eyes closed. He tried to open them as I walked up but the pain meds were keeping him from doing so. After I grabbed his hand he kept telling me it was hurting a lot and I could tell that he was really in pain. I went to get the nurse to give him more medicine. It was hard for me to see him in such pain so I was happy when the pain meds started to kick in. Before the surgery, the anesthesiologist had told us that Michael would be waking up as he was rolling out of the operating room. Boy was he mistaken. Over the next 2 hours, he was pretty out of it. He went in and out of sleep and pain. He said a few funny things. He kept asking me the same questions over and over again every few minutes including: what time is it? how long have  I been done? Where'd Steve go? Can I go home now? Should I get dressed? and he also kept telling me that he was trying to open his eyes so he could wake up. After the pain meds had started to kick in I asked if he felt better and he said "I like drugs" haha. I told him that the doctor told him to stay off his leg for 2 weeks and he said "So I can go play football tomorrow?" He kept telling me and Steve thank you for coming and at one point he was waving to Steve and said "Hi" hahaha. He did do some cute things that were more like him. He kept pushing his lips out and I would say what? What do you need and he would just keep his lips out like that and I said a kiss? and he nodded so I'd kiss him and he wouldn't even kiss me back he would just lay there haha. And he wanted me to hug him but I had to lean over the railing on the side of his bed and it was really difficult haha. One time he was sticking his pinky out of the blanket and I said why are you showing me your pinky and he shook the blanket off and he was doing "I love you" with his hand. I must say he is a pretty cute drugged person. 

He kept telling the nurse that he was hungry but when she would ask if he was awake enough to eat he would shake his head. She told us that once he thought he could eat then she would give him food and a pill and if that was fine for his stomach then she would let him go home. When he started waking up more he said where is she with my food? This is poor service, she isn't getting a tip. So I went to find her to tell her that he was ready to eat and she gave him the choices of jello, pudding or yogurt. He chose jello and then said, "I was hoping for a cheeseburger." He was pretty funny while eating, I took a video of it in which he asked if I could just teleport him home :)
Smiling for his momma. As he was waking up
At about 11:15 we were on our way home. Steve carried him down the stairs and we got him in bed. I had to run to the pharmacy and it killed me to leave him but thankfully it was a pretty quick trip. I finally got into bed at about 1:00. At 2:00 I woke him up to give him some drugs, at 3 he had to use the bathroom and at 6 it was time for more drugs. Let just say that the past couple of nights we didn't sleep much.
This is where he spends most of his day, when he's not laying in bed or going to the bathroom.
They gave him this fancy little ice machine that is hooked up to this little pouch that goes around his knee and it circulates cold water around his knee to keep down the swelling. It's pretty cool but also very loud.

This weekend has just been one to relax and recover. Michael's meds make him quite dizzy all the time so he sleeps a lot. We have had a lot of support from friends and family checking up on us and making sure we had dinner. He is supposed to stay in the house until Tuesday when they want him in physical therapy. Hopefully he will be able to go to class that day as well. He just can't wait to start recovering and not hurt as much anymore.

We are so grateful for the advances in medicine that we get to take advantage of. We are also grateful for the priesthood and all the blessings that come from it. We are grateful for our friends and family and mostly we are grateful for each other! We don't know how we would get through this if we didn't have each other.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 week down, many, many more to go

So we have the prognosis... Mike has a torn MCL and he retore his ACL and he will be getting surgery on Thursday, February 17th. :( We'd been expecting that all week leading up to our appointment with the orthopedic surgeon but it was still a little bit tough to hear.. Anyways, here's how our week went. On Tuesday we were thinking about what the urgent care clinic did and we did not feel that they checked everything that should be checked when someone is hit by a car so that night at about 11:15 we checked in to the ER. He got in pretty fast I think partly because of his situation and partly because it was so late. The doctor came in and checked his neck, head, shoulder, knee, shin, nose, back... all the things that should be looked at after being hit by a truck. After finding some tender spots on Mike's neck and shin they decided that they would give him a morphine shot, put him in a neck brace and a straight leg brace and send him off to get an x-ray on his shin and a CT scan on his neck.
poor guy..
The morphine shot really hurt his bum bum and made him really really tired and out of it haha. His butt was sore for a few days. After being scanned he slept for about 45 minutes while I did some studying for a test we had 2 days later. They took the neck brace off of him when they found out that nothing was broken there. They also told me (since Michael was sleeping) that his tibia wasn't broken. After getting some instructions, a prescription and signing a few forms I had the hard job of waking him up and getting him outside. He asked me the same question at least three times and he kept falling asleep within seconds of me waking him. We came straight home and got him in bed. The next day, we didn't go to class, him for obvious reasons, and me because he really couldn't get out of bed without help and I didn't want to leave him stranded and hungry all day.
With his new brace he could get around better. When he had nothing on, even the slightest movement would jostle his leg and cause him pain. Now, as long as he is careful to keep it still, the brace helps a lot. Wednesday we pretty much laid low and he slept. We also went and got a handicap permit so that if he felt like going to school it would be a lot easier for him. On Thursday he decided to go to class in the morning. We had to study all day that day because it was the last day for our test. He had an MRI that evening and then directly after we went to take our test. Which I think we both aced :)
On Friday he seemed to be able to move a little better, not so much because his knee was better but more because he was getting better at keeping it very still. We had 3 classes and it was pretty difficult for him just to get from building to building because his crutches were hurting his armpits. We had to go shopping to et a few things for breakfast and the superbowl and Mike was dreading walking around the store on crutches. Luckily they had one of those electric carts for old people. It was quite the funny site.
We got a really dirty look from a lady who probably didn't understand that Mike had been hit by a car but watching him ride up the aisle and try to back up with an obnoxiously loud beep was quite hilarious. This picture still makes me laugh.

That night his wonderful sister and her husband, Michelle and Clark, brought us dinner and helped me clean. I have been terrible at cleaning and cooking. It's hard to keep up with making sure Mike's comfortable and has everything he needs, cleaning, cooking healthy food, going to class and doing homework! I need to work some more on it..
The next morning some of our new friends from our ward and Michelle and Clark came to have some breakfast at our house. The others cooked, we just enjoyed the goodness. There was a basketball game that afternoon that we didn't quite feel up to going to so we stayed and did homework instead. Awesome Saturday afternoon. That night Mike had gotten us tickets to this Y-Ball for married couples where we would get dinner, a limo ride, dessert, and dancing.. all for FREE! We just couldn't pass it up. The dinner was delicious and the limo ride was pretty fun even though it smelled like feet. But obviously Mike couldn't do any dancing so we sat and watched the dance while we ate our cake and then we left.
Our church flooded on Friday. Apparently a sprinkler pipe froze and broke and covered both chapels and cultural halls in 2 inches of water! That's a lot of water. So we got to split up and go to a singles ward again haha. That afternoon was the superbowl, of course. Which we hosted at our house since Mike is basically glued to the couch. And because our living room is pretty decent sized for a party. We had fun with our family and friends and eating way too much junk. As long as Mike is hurt and can't go to the gym we need to be a lot more careful with what we eat. After we partied we kinda realized we had a lot to do and felt bad that we wasted all afternoon. Once we found that out, we did what we usually do when we feel overwhelmed and we went to bed haha.
Monday was a stressful day. For one, it was the day of Michael's appointment where we would find out what needed to happen with his knee. And for two, we had our first Chem 105 test. Which was very ominous because I've heard nothing but bad things about the class and the tests. At the doctor we got to look at the MRI pictures which was kind of interesting  since he told us what it was supposed to look like as we looked at what it did look like, which was far from the same. And two different doctors bent, poked, and pulled on Mike's leg despite his obvious suffering. Which should have been horrifying for me as his wife to watch but instead I laughed. Not because I found his pain funny, but because I was maybe a little exasperated that they would do that to him. Why it came out in a laugh I do not know haha. We got the bad news and tried to find a time during this busy week with Michael's 4 tests to fit in physical therapy. Apparently a torn MCL takes a long time to heal because it becomes very stiff and has to be stretched out. He was given a new brace with the instruction that he needs to try and bend his leg a little bit everyday. Ouch. He was not excited about these instructions.
Anyway, that evening we studied for a few more hours and gave ourselves what we thought was plenty of time for the test. Until we got to the testing center to find a line wrapped all around and almost out the door. Lucky the back was right at the door so we didn't have to wait in the cold. But I felt a little panicky since we got there at about 7:55, the last test is handed out at 9, and it closes at 10. Mike took the elevator and waited for me at the top of the stairs. When we got our tests we were sent back downstairs to overflow seating which was quite a pain with Mike's crutches and such. We sat down at 8:40. I didn't know how long the test would take but I really don't like feeling rushed. After rushing through a few problems and giving up on some that I had done 40 times and hadn't found the right answer to, a guy came and told us we had until 10:25, in those extra 25 minutes I found a few mistakes and figured out that one problem that stumped me for so long and we both did pretty decent. Well above the average in our class. We were pretty pleased. We didn't get home until about 10:40, ate a quick snack of oreos and milk (I told you I'm really not good at cooking when I have so much to do) and we went to bed.
Today we had an equally busy day, another test for Michael. As well as another doctor's appointment. This time with an ENT. We got fairly good news at this appointment. He said that his nose is broken but it seems to be pretty straight so if he just lets it heal for 6 weeks without another hard hit then he should be just fine. The inside was a little inflamed so he gave him a nasal spray but I'll take that over surgery any day.
Before this week is over we will have had 2 more tests. But it's also Mike's birthday this Friday! Yay :) He'll be 23. Boy am I especially grateful that he was born 23 years ago :) So hopefully we can party this weekend before he'll be out all next weekend (our 3-day weekend ) from his surgery.
My goal is to keep the house clean and make lots of delicious and nutritious food this weekend for his birthday and for valentine's day. Let's see if I can do it!
betcha can't tell which one is hurt...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mike fights with truck. Truck wins.

It's strange how most every day starts out as an ordinary day but it doesn't always end ordinary. Yesterday was just like any other day. Mike and I got up early to finish some homework , went to 4 classes, and headed home to catch up on all our homework, cleaning and studying for our 2 tests this week that we missed out on over the weekend. After class at about 1 pm we were headed home for lunch. I'm pretty sure we were probably talking about what we were having for lunch or what we were doing for FHE that night when the light turned white and we started to walk across the crosswalk. About 10 feet into the crosswalk I turned and saw a truck grill probably like 1 foot away from hitting me so I screamed and jumped back. I watched as it hit Michael and carried him another 15 or 20 yards. All I could see after I saw him fold over the hood were his glasses and phone flying through the air in opposite directions and landing about 10 feet away. When the truck finally came to a stop I screamed and ran over to the front of the truck where I saw my sweet husband laying on the ground right under the bumper clutching his ribs. I knelt down and grabbed his hand and immediately started asking if he felt ok or if he was hurting anywhere. He said it was his leg that was hurting the most. His nose was a little bloody on the bridge which I imagine was from his glasses. It was getting swollen and bruised because he hit his face on the hood. The driver, a man about 60 years old, jumped out and knelt down beside us and was apologizing over and over again. I couldn't say anything because I was just trying to hold back my tears and make sure that Mike was ok. When the driver knelt and asked if Mike was ok he said yeah I think so and tried to stand up but I said umm no honey I don't think you are. A few people stopped and called the police. I heard them saying "yes, he's responding" and "he says his leg hurts the most."

He decided that he felt well enough to move off the road so the driver and I helped him up and helped him walked to the grass about ten yards away. All the people on the phone with the 911 operators told him not to move but he was already up haha. We laid him down and put some backpacks under his knee to hold it up. One lady that stopped said she was first aid certified and one lady told us she was a boyscout leader or something haha like that was supposed to make me feel better. There just happened to be an EMT driving by on the way to the grocery store and he felt around on his leg and checked his pulse to make sure he was ok for the moment. Then a firetruck came and blocked off the road and an ambulance and a few cop cars came. The EMTs came and cut his pants (his only pair of jeans, by the way) so they could take a closer look at his knee. They wanted to take him in the ambulance to the hospital but Michael didn't think that he needed to go. I said yes, you are going but I can take you if you want. Since we lived just on the other side of the road.

After the EMTs said he looked pretty good we sat up in the back seat of the police car while Michael filled out a report of the accident. The man who hit him stayed with us until the cop was ready to take us home. He even gave us his phone number and told us to call and let him know how Michael was doing and when he felt better him and his wife would take us out to dinner. We actually felt pretty bad for him. It was his first accident and his first ticket in over 20 years and I can't even imagine how scary it would be to hit a pedestrian. So we got in my car and I drove to the hospital just down the street but we couldn't figure out where to go since we didn't really want to go to the emergency room. We decided to go to the student health center urgent care. We waited there for about ten minutes and then she told us that it would be a mess with insurance and sent us to a different urgent care place. That place was nice though because they billed the car insurance directly so we didn't have to worry about anything. They came and got him in a wheel chair which was good because I was having to help him hobble everywhere and it was so painful for him.

When the doctor came into the room she was poking, prodding, pushing and pulling on his leg to see what hurt and if it felt broken or twisted or torn or what. As she was doing this I started to feel dizzy so I got up to get a cup of water but once I sat down my head was swimming and I felt really nauseous and hot. The doctor went to get me some juice and crackers and then had me lay on the hospital bed. Once I laid down and got some juice in me I felt much better. We must have been a sight, me laying in the hospital bed, him in a wheelchair. It was pretty funny to the nurse I'm sure. A little while later we went over across the hall to get him x-rayed. I think the x-ray technician was a little surprised to see a screw in there (Mike had surgery in the same knee his senior year of high school so he has a few artificial tendons and a screw and such) but other than that they said it looks encouraging. No breaks or fractures. He may of torn something but thats hard to see in an x-ray so they said if the swelling hasn't gone down or if it's still hard to put weight on it by the end of the week then we might need an MRI. They gave us an ice pack, an ace bandage, a knee sleeve, and some crutches to take home with us. Michael is not thrilled that he will need to use crutches to walk for awhile, especially since we go up a giant hill everyday on the way to class. We left the hospital at about 4 o'clock and went to Walgreen's to fill his prescription. Sonic was right across the seat and we figured we'd take ourselves to dinner on that man's insurance while we waited for the prescription to be filled haha. We finally got home at about 5:30. We had a little bit of homework to do so he got comfortable while we finished that up. We had a few visitors including his sister and her husband who brought us homemade cookies and chocolate milk. yummm :)

I don't think that he slept very well and he definitely did not venture getting out of bed and making it to class this morning. Which was good because it was so so so cold outside and I wanted to just run and jump back in bed with him. As of now he is just studying while icing and laying in bed since we have 2 tests that start tomorrow.. goody. Other than the bruise and swollen nose and his knee that is really stiff and painful he made it out in amazing condition. Oh, and we'll have to buy him some new jeans now.. haha.

We got so lucky yesterday in many ways. First of all, I could have got hit too and guaranteed I would have been more hurt that my husband because he is made of steel and I am not.. Second, it was a truck that hit him so the force was more spread out on his whole body than concentrated on just one area. We think that if it was a little car his legs would have a lot more damage and he probably would have gone flying a lot farther and hit the ground way harder. Third, he was wearing a thick, slippery snowboarding coat so he slid on the ground in front of the truck rather than rolling and he didn't get much more than a small scratch from the cement. And in any other coat we believe he could have rolled right under the wheel or got all torn up, both of which I don't like to think about. Fourth, the driver was so sweet and stayed there with us the whole time and really tried to make us feel better. And most of all, nothing is broken. His head didn't hit the pavement and crack open, he didn't get terrible whiplash, he didn't break any ribs, his glasses didn't even break! I consider us really lucky. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and was really watching out for us that day and I really hope that we will learn everything that He wants us to learn from this small trial in our lives.

As for me, I think I was a little more traumatized than my husband. At least he is not scared of cars or crosswalks :). And I can't get the image out of my mind with how big the truck grill was right in my face and how small my husband looked against it... But I am just so so so grateful that he is alive and well.