Sunday, February 20, 2011

15 things.

Well, Jessica wanted to know 15 things about me so here it goes..

1. One thing that not that many people know about me yet is that I very recently changed my major.. I haven't really told that many people yet because we have been so busy after that. But I decided to man up and finally pursue my passion. Elementary Education. So there it is.. I am no longer doing Mechanical Engineering starting in  the Fall.

2. All through high school my best friend Chandra and I did everything together. We walked together at graduation, went to BYU to be roommates and we eventually got engaged with a week of each other and about 5 and a half months later we got married within 3 days of each other! We totally planned it, but we never thought it would happen.

3. I love to cook. Especially with my husband. We love trying new things and we love to feed other people at dinner parties.

4. I really love snowboarding. It is so invigorating and exhilarating and I love how it makes me feel.

5. I am really, really good at remembering peoples names. Sometimes it makes me feel like a creep.

6. I have 3 brothers who I really love.

7. I absolutely love snow cones or slurpees or icees or anything of that sort.

8. I pick at my eyebrows and my eyelashes when I'm bored and especially when I'm reading or taking tests.

9. So you think you can dance is my favorite show ever. It makes me wish that I could dance so bad. In November my husband took me to the tour. It was awesome!

10. I understand Spanish very well for only having took it in high school. I'm not very good at speaking it though. Sometimes my husband hates it because I can usually understand when him and his mission companions try and talk about me in Spanish.

11. I used to be obsessed with Zac Efron but now I'm just obsessed with my husband. He is the best!

12. I'm always cold and when I have to go outside when it is really cold it depresses me. And I hate being touched by cold things.

13. I'm super afraid of the dark unless I am lying in my bed. Then I love it.

14. I really hate getting ready for bed. I wish I could just get in bed without washing my face, brushing my teeth and taking my contacts out.

15. I really love math and my engineering classes in school. And I am good at them. I'll miss them probably. But I don't regret my decision.

So i guess I have to tag people now.. I want to learn 15 things about Krystle, Kaylee, Michelle and Casey!
Can't wait :)

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  1. That is exciting you changed your major! Good luck! Just FYI I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance too! We will have to watch it together!