Monday, October 1, 2012

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For


The view standing on 900 E

Looking to the left, that is the new multi-stake center they built

Looking to the right, that is our neighbors yard. It is still technically ours but  that is the side of the duplex that we rent out. Cool, eh?

Back to the left again, our driveway is on 300 N

We have a cool carport that I am reallllllyy excited for come winter. No scraping windows! yipee!
We have a shed. Which is awesome. Two people should not have this much stuff..

The door we use most often since it is inside our carport

It opens into our kitchen. Which has a dishwasher. Score!

And our laundry room haha but I still love it.

Our little hallway.

To the first left in the hallway is our living room.
Note our cool orange wall

And our cool rug. And cool wood floors.

Straight ahead in that hallway is our music/craft/office room. It is a mess right now because it is also where we are keeping all our extra stuff that he haven't hung or organized yet. Yikes..

My sewing stuff :D

To the right is the bathroom. Exciting stuff. Toilet seat is up... how embarrassing.  I guess I am not a very good photographer. I'll tell you a secret though. I took these for my bro who is on a mission so... sue me. (but really don't. We did just buy a house, you know)

Taking the second left down our hallway is our bedroom

So yeah. That's our house! It's pretty neat. We just love the thing. And we love being homeowners :)

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