Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW

This was our view yesterday as we left our old apartment for (almost) the last time. 

It was very bittersweet. We had so many good memories at our first apartment. After all, it was the very first place that we lived together after we got married. 


We are VERY excited for this!!!

For sale no more :)

When we pulled into the driveway to get our keys from our Realtor there was a guy in the driveway calling the number off the sign to try and buy our house. Sorry buster but it's already sold!

I can't show you many pics of the inside yet as we are still unpacking but here is a sneak preview. The very first thing we did is paint.

We did this beautiful orange wall in the living room
a gray wall in the bedroom, although we may paint the whole bedroom that color
 (just because we can. because we own it. oh yeah.)

The kitchen is the first room that we unpacked and the only room that we've unpacked completely so far. soooo... here it is!

And here is the first meal I made in my new kitchen. It was so fun!

Saturday was a long, long, looooonnnggg day.

Well, we own a home! It's so exciting and we LOVE it already! More to come on this (hopefully).

watch this if you want to share more happiness with us :)

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