Sunday, May 29, 2011

so you think you can dance dance dance

I feel like it's been awhile since I last blogged. Let me just say that Spring is so much busier than we thought! Everyone was always telling us how spring is so much better than fall and winter but so far ours has just been crazy! Here is what our schedule consists of:

Husband- works from 7-2, class from 2-6:30
Wife- class from 10-1
Husband- work from 7-4
Wife- class from 12-1 and 4-6
Husband- work from 7-2, class from 2-4
Wife- class from 10-2

So I thought that my schedule looked a little empty and one of my friends told me about a job opening so I thought yeah.. I could probably handle that and it would be helpful to have a little extra money every week so I interviewed and got the job. After doing two days of training in Bountiful I was then going to finish my training at home. So that week it had been kind of hard to get my math homework done because I usually go into the lab to get help but once I started working, I didn't ever get to do that because it was closed when I got back so on Friday I spent 5 hours (12-5) working on just 5 problems of my homework that was due that day and then I still had to go home, finish my training, study for a test I had to take Saturday morning and start reading a book that I had to finish by Tuesday. Also, since I'd been going to Bountiful, I got home late and Mike and I didn't really get to spend time together since he has homework too. Well for newlyweds this arrangement just wasn't working out haha. Also, my house was a disaster and I think every dish we owned was dirty. The next week I had a math test coming up that was starting on Tuesday and I had no idea when I would have time to study or have time to even take it. Plus I would miss the review by going to work. Sooo, after a long talk to my husband we decided that maybe it wasn't going to work for me to have a job right now and I called and let them know that I wouldn't be able to work anymore.

The next day I took my test and we deep cleaned our house and then we went to a BBQ and went mini golfing to get out of the house. I won of course :) It was really crowded, it being a Saturday night and all, and we had to do a lot of waiting around. Especially since there were three unsupervised kids in front of us and at every single hole the little boy hit his ball like he was driving it rather than putting it and they all ran off giggling and screaming looking for it. It never got old. To them.. haha. At the end it was late so we decided to skip a few holes and go to the last one. The people in front of us hit all their balls into the fountain at the end and Mike thought that seemed fun so he tried to chip it in and instead, it went over and flew right over a guy bending down to pick up his ball. It totally would have hit his head had he been standing. We froze thinking he would turn around looking for the ball that almost knocked him out but he didn't even notice so we ran away laughing.

Two great things happened this week.

This show came back into my life.

Mikey's little sister, Kayla, graduated! Yeah Kayla!

The Morgan's are looking good :)

We wanted to go so badly but with school and everything we just didn't know if we could make it down. Good thing she's coming to BYU in the fall! :)

P.S. If any of you don't watch so you think you can dance. Do. It is the greatest show ever.

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  1. I am so glad that you love SYTYCD too!!! I watch it and Jordan rolls his eyes haha. We will have to get together and watch it next summer!