Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 11 - What's in my makeup bag?

So this last week was Thanksgiving and I'm using that as my excuse for missing several days of my blog challenge. Plus, today's topic is weird and I don't really know why it's a question that people would be interested in so it's not like I was dying to get on and write about it. Who cares what's in my makeup bag? I thought that the saying was something about knowing a lot about a girl by what's in her purse. Oh well..

So I actually recently (right before going to TX) dumped my makeup bag into my drawer and refilled it with what I needed for TX. So what's in there is now is my new Mary Kay makeup that I bought myself for my birthday with the birthday money from my mom and dad. It's my very first nice makeup. In fact, what I dumped out was all the crappy makeup that I've bought over the years that I never wear. So there you have it. Exciting huh?

Stay tuned for a much more exciting post :)

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