Sunday, November 27, 2011


So I decided that if I'm going to post about boring things like what's in my makeup bag that I should reward anyone who read it with a much more exciting post with real stories about our lives and pictures too! So here it goes.

-we went to Salt Lake at 8:30 for Michael's cousin's sealing in the SLC temple.
-to celebrate, we ate at Olive Garden after.
-then we hung out at gateway mall with said cousins for several hours until it was time for us to go to the airport.
-our flight left at 5:10, we had a short layover in Denver and we landed in San Antonio at 10:30. It was long 3 hour drive to the Morgan house. We arrived there at around 2 AM.
-after holding baby Morgan we went to bed.

I just got really bored while outlining our entire day so that will be the only day that I do that. The rest of the week was so awesome. It consisted of a lot of baby holding, feeding, and even changing a diaper for Uncle Mikey! (his very first one). We also went out to eat at the Train, a really good restaurant there in B-wood.

The girls went to get pedicures.

We went on a double date with Michelle and Clark and we went bowling. It was stinger night so you paid for 1 game and got to play for 2 hours as many games as you could fit in. We got in a little more than 3.5 games. Pretty good deal if you ask me. The boys played one game left handed and Clark still beat everyone. It was fun to hang out with them again.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious but I did miss my Momma's cooking. 

Making his pie in a cake pan :)

Morgan's first Thanksgiving dinner :) They convinced us that this milk was turkey flavored.

After Thanksgiving they blessed little Morgan and she looked so beautiful in her little white dress. That night we played Just Dance and set up Christmas decorations. It was lots of fun. The whole week we got to play lots of games and just relax and have a good time. 

The kids after Morgan's blessing.

Tomorrow... back to reality :( but only 9 more days left of school!! Woo hoo!

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