Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 3 - My first date.

(I'm going to start changing the titles to my instead of your since it is about me after all :))

So here is what I remember about my first date. It was my 16th birthday and my date was 2 hours late picking me up. My parents had planned a "while you were out" as my present in which they redid our TV room and made it look super awesome so that I would like having friends over. Since my date was late and I wasn't "out" I got confined to my room and not allowed to look out or come out. I remember being quite upset so I don't even remember what I actually did when my date got there. But I think we just went to dairy queen and then came home since the room was almost done.

My first date with Michael is a cause of much discord in our marriage. Not the date itself but what classified as our first date. If you ask me what our first date then I'll tell you the truth, that we went to a BYU hockey game with his sister and her husband. If you ask Mike he might say ice skating, or even more absurd, golf. Let me classify those two events for you so you can agree that they were not first date material.

Golfing: So Chandra and I took a golf class and we had to go golfing a certain number of times during the semester. Spencer decided that he wanted to see more of Chandra so he asked her to go golfing with him. Chandra, scared of dating Spencer, asked him if I could come too and if he would invite his friend Mike (my Mike's roommate at the time). Mike J decided that Mike M would probably rather go with me so he did. Spencer paid for Chandra since it was supposed to be a date for them so Mike felt obligated and paid for me too. Doesn't count as a date in my eyes..

Ice skating: so Michael got invited to go ice skating with a couple that had recently got engaged. He just happened to be telling me about it and asked if I wanted to go. My initial thoughts: "finally he's asking me on a date!" That was until he turned to everyone else and asked if anyone else wanted to come. It just so happened that the other people who wanted to come were Chandra and Spencer who were actually kind of dating so it was an engaged couple, them and us. Mike ended up paying for me because I didn't have cash. Again, doesn't count as a date.

As you can see, both of these circumstances we just ended up being us two and another couple with him paying for me. Take that for what you will but the first date he actually asked me on and wanted to be with me on was the hockey game.

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